Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common queries regarding many aspects of our services as a giclée printer.

- What is a giclée print?   Pronounced [ zhee-clay ].
This is a type of high quality print that is made by a digital process, nowadays, using an inkjet printer with expanded-gamut. Essentially, the inks must be lightfast to a certain standard and the substrate should be at least 250gsm and acid-free.

- What is your minimum order?
There isn't a minimum order for both setting up or printing. However, please bear in mind the economy advantages of setting up and printing multiple prints.


-Should I vanish my work before its photographed?


As a preference it is better to photograph oils, acrylics, alkyds etc. before they are varnished. This gets rid of any chance of unwanted reflections that a more shiney varnished service could cause. If you have already varnished your painting, not to worry, it can still be photographed as I do use a very soft lighting which does minimise the effect.

- What is the turnaround for print orders?
Typically we can print on demand for reasonable orders within a week. However, for larger orders, a longer lead-time is given. If you have a specific deadline, it's best just to ask, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

- I've already got scans of my work can you print them?
Yes, although we will advise you that since we have not been involved in the reprographic process, we cannot guarantee the results. The prints are only as good as the files you provide. Ideally the scans must be 300dpi.

- What are your payment terms?
We require payment by cheque made payable to "James Potter' on completion of your first order. For larger first orders, we may also ask for a deposit.

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